Madras or Vindaloo? Opinions to match? Come and air your views about topical issues on the second Tuesday of each month from 8.00 – 10pm at the Curry Club.  Choice of curry (or alternative) available!

Our Christ Church Curry Club met again last Tuesday at David’s house. Our group watched part of a “Day of Discovery” DVD which looked at similarities and differences between the three faiths of Jerusalem. We covered human nature within these faiths and even the meanings and differences behind the clothes worn by Jews, Christians and Muslims.

Whilst listening to the diverse and interesting explanations on the DVD the group enjoyed a hearty plateful (or two) of curry plus accompaniments from the Home Indian at Hipperholme. As always the Curry supper was a gastronomic delight and after clearing our plates the discussions began to hot up!

As is often the case, the discussions were lively, (sometimes a little controversial) but always thought provoking. As the evening progressed, the subject diversified somewhat from the one we started with. The evening culminated in a lively chat about how (as Christians) we conduct ourselves in our working environments. We also covered the types of language we come across in public places and whether to be a good Christian we should behave by example or can have more effect by trying to be “one of the crowd”.

It’s true to say that it was another enjoyable evening and we all went home with plenty to think about!

New members always welcome.  To find out more please contact us.


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