Life at the Crossroads

Christ Church is situated in the village of Hipperholme on a busy crossroads.

Since the birth Christ Church LEP in September 2003, church life has been a whirl of activity. Working together has helped us to become one fellowship rather than two worshipping together and newcomers comment that they cannot tell who is from which tradition.

Our refurbished building was opened in December 2006.

The current membership between 60-70, with 40-50 attending most Sunday mornings.

As in any church we are a mixed group of Christians from a broad church at different stages of our spiritual journey. Some are deeply committed people who want to deepen their faith and understanding.

There are also some who are happy just to worship together on a Sunday morning. Many of these and others are involved in our many activities which take place during the week. We enjoy quiet days and church weekends away too.

Worship is at the heart of all we do. The style varies depending on the preacher and we have our own worship group who prepare and lead the morning service at least once a quarter. We use Singing the Faith, Rejoice and Sing and modern worship videos for the newer worship songs.

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