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Christ Church and the Hipperholme Crossroads

At the October meeting of the leadership team they decided to:

–  consult with the membership of the church more fully

–  arrange a meeting of members of the church as soon as possible, to which Calderdale Council officers will be invited, to exchange information and views

–  forward all representations we have received to Calderdale Council


Below is a statement that we recently produced to explain the position of Christ Church and the concerns that we need to address.  We have reached no decision to sell or not to sell as yet and will not do so until satisfied that we are in possession of the fullest information.

The Leadership Team of Christ Church Hipperholme and Lightcliffe have discussed the proposed crossroads improvement scheme and the information assembled by four of the team appointed for that purpose. The small team have prepared a list of Church concerns about the effect of the changes on our activities at Hipperholme and shared them with Clugston’s the CMBC partner in the project responsible for purchasing the land needed. First responses have been received to the concerns expressed and they became part of our review.

Church land and buildings are owned by the Methodist Church who would receive any proceeds of sale which are not our concern and would be negotiated by an appointed professional agent. No decision to recommend sale has been taken.  As local trustees the Leadership Team opinion is important so we are taking steps to become well informed so we can make a good decision in the interest of the church. We also need to identify what needs to be done to counter any interference in our work that any changes might cause.

Christ Church is known as the ‘Church at the Crossroads’ and our concerns are mainly replacement of steps lost to the new pavement line, increased vibration, noise, pollution and possible accidental impact if a third traffic lane is built where there is presently a wide pavement – traffic will be so much nearer the building. We need to protect the traditional leaded, coloured windows from vibration damage and to avoid noise distraction in activities – particularly for young children who might be frightened. The changes would also affect the garden and access to the church car park beside the A58.

Clugston listened carefully to our comments offering to finance professional advice from a structural engineer and CMBC proposed improved layout changes to deal with the structural changes which would occur. They claim that noise and pollution levels would reduce because of improved traffic control but this is still under discussion. The involvement and support of a variety of experienced traffic agencies reassured us on the important points that the gyratory system will be effective and that pedestrian safety is improved.

Nothing has yet been decided and clearly it is important to the church to be aware of and take into account both the village and wider Calderdale views of the changes both short and long term because such problems as there are will increase and not disappear. 



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